Thursday, 26 September 2013

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Hi and Welcome to Enerd Computing Solutions

Office Line(604)396-4643

Your Friendly Computer Service and Security Center

Main Datacenter 1

Secure Storage for Data Backup  

All Services Are on Host Core 1 

Custom System's Workstations and Servers 

Server Setup and Deployment Setup And I.T Service 

Contact For a Quote Today 

Contact for Hosting prices and Service container Types 

Game Server Hosting

And more 

servers are built Custom Made with a oprating System

at extra Cost to hardware 
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter or linux Ubuntu Server or CentOS and RHEL Linux 


!!! (LIVE)(Server's Are)(LIVE)!!!


{{Internal Service}}((((IRC:6667--6697))))

(Bitcoin Miner clone *2:8333)

VPN--ASK for port access ||DC-{{Internal Service-DC-link}}(((DC||Bridge||Mesh-NET /G/erternet VPN Server )))

RDP-Gateway-- Ask for port Access

CS-GOSteamServer--Ask For port Access

(Minecraft-Server :25565)
((([[Cell Service 40-per-month]]((((PBX-SERVER-SIP-IP-VoiP-SOFT -TEST-MODE:5090::5060))))


Enerd Computing
Computer Security
Riseup net Services
Free Services
Free Geek Vancouver Wiki
Free Geek Vancouver-Gitolite-Host
Mrtux Main Site
Brolin's Main Site
4chan /g/
4chan /wg/
Google Search
You Tube

Disl Automatic

Website Build

Cost For Website build $20.00

Hosting costs are $9.00 for one month $54.00 for 6 Months

All Sites Are Load Clustered for Reliable Uptime


Home PC Computer Repair

I Can come to your home and do a free analysis and estimate on your home computer

Most problems can be fixed on site $20.00 Per Hour or Contract Based


Game Server Hosting

 Game Server Hyper- V hosted 

Server Cost is $20.00 per Seat-month

####Server Hosting for 1U and 2U unit's are $100.00 Per month Plus $50 dollar Administrator Fee for Server Admin Service ####


New PC Deployments And Set Up

Operating system setup, installation of new software, and uninstallation of bloatware


PC Upgrades

I can take your computer to my workshop to install hardware upgrades

such as ram, sound and graphics cards, and hard drives

We Offer These Services and More!

Enerd Computing

Main Datacenter 1


  1. Great Service! Friendly and prompt, aand i even got a discount!
    10/10 would use again for hardware upgrades and software removal.
    My workstation has never been faster!

  2. Nice, looks like you are doing very well my friend.

    1. Why thanks for the Awesome Wise words thanks for stopping by